Latay is several millenia out of a true catastrophe, known as Tempest to those who have bothered learning, a magical disaster of vast proportions. The mages of that past age ruled the world, and many of their artifacts still litter the ruins of their once-mighty cities. Whatever the nature of Tempest, it hit all of the major cities of its time, skipping smaller cities that a natural disaster would have passed through. This ushered in an Ice Age, and annihilated the old human Ruling Realms. The Grand Towers of those cities were the center of the explosions, strongest in the Northwest, and gradually weaker as it spread. Vast regions were turned to wastelands, and magical abominations still roam in many places as a direct product of old destroyed magic. As if having the largest cities of the age reduced to ruins in moments was not bad enough, many magical wards would fail then, and in the following years. Many creatures were released from crypts and laboratories, driving the natural races near extinction.

Along the sea shores, and in the warmer south nearer to the equator, the settlements of the civilized races are finally starting to recover, a full six millenia later. The mages of the towns that had not held Grand Towers rallied the survivors; many of the nations standing today are descendants of these, often called “the Mage Lands”. Most prominent of these are the Lexovillan city-states, and the kingdom of Katagyr.

As the lands recover and new nations rise, their borders expand… and meet. The greater countries around the Senna Sea have cleared their interior of most major threats, and are now taking up arms against each other. Meanwhile, vast areas remain outside the influence of organized species, a wilderness stretching across boundless lands, wherein lies the ruins of the cities that failed to survive the Tempest. In these dwell monstrous beings that had been reduced to beasts of burden in those lost years, masters now, and unforgiving.